Come along as we ski Mora – Sälen, and back again.

Remember the date, on the 28th of February 2019, five brave and a little bit odd persons will perform a feat that most people would more than likely run from:

  • Teemu Virtanen
  • Jan Erik Länta
  • Fredrik Bidevind
  • Jonas Forsberg
  • Jörgen Bergkvist

They will start off at early morning in opposite direction of the otherwise well known race between Sälen and Mora. But, what happens once they reach their destination? It doesn’t end here.

This is just the beginning of yet another journey, going back again. Once they return to their original department spot, these five incredible skiers will have covered a distance of 180 km, why? Because they want to prove to the people who’ve done half the distance that it is possible, as long as you’ve got the gut for it. So, stay tuned tomorrow as we will follow their incredible journey and report to you in real-time as they go from point B to A and back to B.

Here is the estimated travel route timing for the two original skiers, anyone is welcome to join in on the run for as long as they like, and endure.


Jan Erik Länta and Fredrik Bidevind – Finishes after 12 hours and 40 minutes. 1 hour and 20 min ahead of schedule, WOOOOOP!
Big congratulations!

Teemu – Finish line – 9 hours and 42 minutes
What an achievement, congratulations Teemu!

Teemu – Eldris – 18:05
After 171 lonely kilometers, Teemu finally gets company by no other than Daniel Tynell!

Teemu – Hökberg – 17:28
It started to look a bit too easy, so we called in backup and arranged a road-block, but to what help? Just as with all of today’s obstacles he handed it with grace right before he sunk a can of Red Bull – only 19km left!

Jan & Fredrik – Hökberg – 18:29
19 km to go, seems like the distance is no longer an issue and the skiers have instead start thinking about the goodies that await once they reach their end destination.

Jonas – Evertsberg – 18:27
Unfortunately, Jonas had to cancel his journey after an impressive 137 kilometers, covering most of the distance by himself. We’re extremely impressed and happy that he decided to join the Mora – Sälen – Mora and we look forward to seeing more of you in the near future. Best wishes to you from all of us!

Jan & Fredrik – Oxberg – 17:48
Its beginning to grow quite dark out here, and with it came to the snowfall, however, it only lasted for a couple of minutes and hopefully, it won’t affect our journeyman too much. 28 km to go!

Teemu – Oxberg – 16:55
”It’s crazy how much slower you get when it starts snowing.”
Is that a myth or is Teemu just above the law of physics? Well, either way, the massive hill probably had something to do with it as well.

Jan & Fredrik – Evertsberg – 16:46
Although they are modest enough not to claim it you can both hear it and see it in their eyes, they are close to the finishing line. There is some kind of happiness that’s spread over their facial expression and they’ve even begun chasing Teemu back. It’s funny but as we watch them closing the gap between them and the finishing line we, the watchers, have begun feeling jealous. Now the question is, will they be able to beat their time of 14 hours, or maybe even 13? – 43 km to go! Now, the question is, will they be able to beat their time of 14 hours, or maybe even 13? – 43 km to go!

Teemu – Evertsberg – 16:13
You can start to notice that Teemu is actually 137km into the challenge. Even though he’s still positive and have a mindset of a true warrior, the tonality in his voice is not the same as it was 7 hours ago. But it sounds like this isn’t anything that should affect his participation in Nordenskiöldsloppet in any way!

Jan & Fredrik – Risberg – 15:59
Both Jan & Fredrik had such a good feeling they barely stopped for a quick drink before they departed onto the next stop, almost one hour ahead of schedule they look as strong as ever. However, the sun has begun to set.

Teemu – Risberg/Evertsberg – 15:52
Back at it with the view!

Jan & Fredrik – Mångsbodarna – 15:12
Now the ”Fantastic journey” has begun according to Jan & Fredrik, from here on out the worst part, and climb is over. Now awaits tailwind and a steady descend towards their goal – Mora!

Teemu – Sälen – 13:40
After 90km, Teemu still hasn’t passed Erik Länta. However, the 1 hour and 45 min head start has now been reduced to 16 min. Time to chug a Red Bull if Jan wanna keep his lead for much longer!

Teemu isn’t far behind. But, maybe Jan & Fredrik has a trick up their sleeves to keep their lead?

Jan & Fredrik – Sälen – 13:26
Two of the champions have now arrived in Sälen. Time to go back, see you soon Mora!

Jonas – Mångsbodarna – 12:13
He has had a few struggles along the way, but it seems he’s now on the right track. Go Jonas go!

Teemu – Mångsbodarna – 11:44
Teemu is currently showing no sign of slowing down, even though the winds are strong.

Teemu – Forest – 11:28
We managed to get a glimpse of super-jonas in the middle of the forest, and just 2 min after Teemu passed by as well. He’s close!

Teemu – Evertsberg/Risberg – 11:25
The good thing about doing the same distance twice is that you’ll have twice as much time to enjoy the view – maybe Mora-Sälen-Mora wasn’t a too bad idea after all?

Jan & Fredrik Mångsbodarna – 11:38
Now a tough two-hours journey awaits the skiers as there’ll be no service at Smågan and the next time we’ll meet our heroes will be in Sälen for a brief moment before they start heading back.

Jörgen has begun his return to Mora.

Teemu – Evertsberg – 11:06
When 10 hours is the goal, you don’t have time to take off and put on your skies – no one has ever died from a scratch or two.

Jan, Fredrik & Jörgen Risberg – 10:47
Yet another successful stop for the skiers as they pass yet another stop, all the whilst keeping their momentum of being 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

Jan, Fredrik & Jörgen Evertsberg – 09:51
Almost everything, the weather, service, and almost all of the skiers are great. One of the skiers had a malfunctioning binding, but, is working to solve the issue and catch up with the rest of the crew.

Teemu – Hökberg – 09:44
Even though the conditions are fast, it’s windy and Teemu is starting to feel lonely. Guys – wait up!

Teemu – Eldris – 09:13
First refill – two minutes before schedule!

The chase has begun… – 08:45
He’s looking fast, he’s looking strong, he’s looking furious! The excitement-levels were too high and Teemu started 15 min earlier than planned. The chase has begun!

Jan, Fredrik & Jörgen Oxberg – 08:43
Janne is a bit displeased with the terrain-quality in the woods, apart from that he seems to be doing just fine. Also, the others seem to be in good shape, falling just a few minutes behind.

Teemu is ready! 08:40
How does one prepare for something like this? And will he make Mora-Sälen-Mora in under 10 hours?

Jan, Fredrik & Jörgen Hökberg – 08:15
The keeps up their momentum as they pass the second stop at Hökberg. ”It feels really good.” Jan Erik says with a smile as he grabs a drink and a snack.

Jan, Fredrik, Jörgen & Jonas Eldris – 07:35
The crew is looking strong as they pass the first stop at Eldris, 7 minutes ahead of scheduled time.

Jan, Fredrik, Jörgen & Jonas Mora – 07:00
Early morning and Jan Erik Länta with his followers have departed on their journey – 180 km to go