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    1365 skiers have accepted the challenge since 2016. 1087 totally have finished Nordenskiöldsloppet. On March 28, 2020 there’s a new chance to complete the world’s longest ski race. Registration is now open. Looking for accomodation in Jokkmokk? Welcome to contact Jokkmokk Arctic Dream, +46-76-2433646, info@jokkmokkarcticdream.se, www.jokkmokkarcticdream.se or SN Resor, info@snr.se, +46(0)971-58222.

  • Registration is open
  • Windy race to Jokkmokk

    After 220km of double-poling in the longest cross-country ski race in the world Norway’s Andreas Nygaard narrowly took his third victory in the event. In the women’s race, Nina Lintzén from Sweden replicated her 2017 victory, despite having given birth only five months prior to the race.

  • Windy race to Jokkmokk
  • The world’s toughest and longest ski race.

    Nordenskiöldsloppet is a 220km ultra race and a completely new type of challenge for modern skiers. On the 24th of March 2018 participants will leave Purkijaur in a race dating back to the 19th century. With a track above the arctic circle, the contestants will be put up to a real tough challenge.

  • The world’s toughest and longest ski race.
  • A historical race.

    In 1884 polar explorer Erik Adolf Nordenskiöld held a competition to prove that it was possible to ski long distances in a short time. It became one of the world’s first, toughest and longest races. Pavva-Lasse Nilsson Tuorda won, having skied 220km’s in 21 hours and 22 min’s. Now you have the chance to ski in his tracks.

  • A historical race.


  • Nyheter

    Race recap 2019

    Another edition of Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet is in the books. 2019 again brought us strong performances throughout the whole start field. While the elite made up in a sprint in Jokkmokk, others barely had reached the turning point. The last man – or should we say hero – would eventually only arrive after more than 28 hours. […] Read article

    By 2019-04-03 15:32
  • News

    The 2019 race in pictures

    Strong performances all the from the elite to the last man in the finish – this is what Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet 2019 looked like. Enjoy! Read article

    By 2019-03-31 15:40

Are you ready to tackle the world’s longest race?


  • Take on a challenge that is both tough and scenic. The 220km’s long race stretches across beautiful winter landscapes along Luleälven.

  • A race with historical background. Nordenskiöldsloppet follows the original track from 1884 as close as possible, you’ll almost ski in Pavva-Lasse Nilsson Tuord’s tracks.

  • 500 tough skiers will be standing on the starting line and heading off together. Can anyone of them be faster than the record of 21 hours and 22 minutes?


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