7 quick questions with Jonas Colting

Now that you skied 90 km in one sweep during Öppet spår (Vasaloppet), does 220 km feel more accomplishable or has the distance become even scarier?

It sounds terribly frightening. The race is ridiculously long and my anxiety will be deep before the start.

How do you plan to train for the remaining time until the big race day? Are you trying to ski a lot or what do you do for preparation?

I’ll keep on skiing as much as possible and will especially focus on double poling. Unfortunately I think snow is about to melt away though. Training on the SkiErg is also fantastic. Generally I train a lot more than just skiing. One day a week I’ll combine different training forms to a continuous session of 6-7 hours.

Throughout your career you’ve completed many really long races alongside some projects that also forced you to last for a long time. That has probably not always been sunshine and happiness only. What is your best tip to tackle mental lows?

It’s all a question of seeing things in the right relations and context. A strong driving force and motivation are central. One should also be able to divide the total time into minor stages. Furthermore I always try to look at such adventures as a pleasure rather than a penalty. This attitude helps!

How do you rank the challenge Nordenskiöldsloppet in comparison to other ultra races that you’ve participated in?

I’ll have to get back on this one. Without doubt, it will the longest day of the very same activity. I expect 15-16 working hours.

You’re not exactly the typical cross-country skier (sorry!) – then again, you probably got other strengths that your fellow competitors lack. What is it that gives you the confidence that the race is going to work out for you?

I got more experience on long and ultra distances and within endurance than most of the others. I’ve done it all from Ultraman on Hawaii to a Swedish Classic within a day, ÖTILLÖ or swimming from Stockholm to Gothenburg. I’m very fit and trained in general and will prepare well for the race too.

If we now offered you 15 hours as your result – would you take it or do you think you can do better than that?


Who is your all-time favorite skier?

Juha Mieto. No question!


About Jonas:

Jonas Colting is a Swedish triathlete, author, lecturer, entrepreneur and health motivator. He has written four books and runs the popular podcast “Coltings Nakna Sanning” (Colting’s Naked Truth).

Jonas has had great international success in long distance triathlon with several World Championship medals among his top merits. He has two victories in the Ultraman World Championship on Hawaii and won ÖTILLÖ three times. He has also swum from Stockholm to Gothenburg (640 km).