From Vasaloppet to Nordenskiöldsloppet – what to do to stay in shape?

About two weeks have passed since Vasaloppet and of course, the most obvious question pops up: How should one prepare for the Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet now that it’s only three more weeks to go?

Skiing the Nordenskiöldsloppet’s distance of 220 km is extremely long. As I’ve written earlier, it takes proper preparation in order to complete such a race. The way I see it, it is important for the remaining time until the big challenge to keep up long distance training but to exchange interval sessions with trainings focused on skiing technique.

  • Long distance training: Go for a longer session up to six hours about two weeks before the race to check if the equipment feels right. At the same time you can test if you can manage your energy intake. Make sure to still have enough forces towards the end so you’re able to finish the training at a higher pace. That will be good for your self-confidence. It’s important to drink and eat throughout the whole session and to start with that right from the beginning. Minerals are important too to avoid cramps. Check whether the selected food works for you!
  • Technique training: Train for about an hour at your planned race pace for Nordenskiöldsloppet and double pole in different techniques: normal style, mostly stomach as well as mostly arms, with both higher and normal frequency. Remember to maintain the same pace. That’s difficult but fun and especially very good training!
  • Strenght training: Work out at the gym and focus on your stomach muscles, shoulders and triceps. Complete your exercises with stretching so your body feels on top!

In the week before race day I recommend to only train twice: One calm training session of about an hour on Monday just to keep your body up and running. On Wednesday you can train around two hours at your planned race pace. Other than that and as of Wednesday until the race: Just rest and eat and drink properly.

As usual, it’s very important to listen to your body – better rest if you feel unsure about training.

I´m so impressed of all of you who take on to this challenge!

Good luck!

Christer Norström

Christer is a ski coach who uses mathematics and advanced technology to understand and teach skiing. He is one of the founders of Vasaloppet’s first official digital ski coach – Racefox, a smart app that gives real-time feedback during training.