How to follow the race:

Live in and around Jokkmokk:

If you’re in the lucky position to be in Jokkmokk and want to follow the feat live on site and along the track, the best places are of course the start and finish areas.

Besides that, the turning point in the mountain village of Kvikkjokk-ÅrreNjarka (km 99) can easily be reached by car. The same goes for the checkpoint in Njavve (km 88 and km 110). Driving to the turning point from Jokkmokk will take a little more than one hour. Between ÅrreNjarka and Njavve one can even spot the skiers from the road. If you want to stay closer to Jokkmokk, the checkpoint in Purkijaur (km 198) is a good place to stand and watch and so is the race’s final lap around the Talvatis lake in central Jokkmokk.

It’s no problem to follow the race from your computer or smartphone if you rather stay home in your sofa or can’t be in Jokkmokk.

From the web:

At 19 checkpoints there will be timekeeping which will be updated live here and throughout the race near live updates will be posted on and

At a few selected spots around the course there will be live web cameras in order for you to be able to spot the leading pack or your buddy. About 1 minute after they’ve pass the timekeeping they will pass the camera. The live web cameras can be found at here.

Cameras will be positioned and live:

Purkijaur (Start) – Saturday 05:45 – 07.00 Saturday

ÅrreNjarka (Turningpoint) – Saturday 09:00 – 19.00 Saturday

ÅrreNjarka (A skier’s confessions) – Saturday 09:00 – 19.00 Saturday

Purkijaur (22km to finish) – Saturday 11:00 – 09.00 Sunday

Jokkmokk (Finish) – Saturday 13:00 – 12.00 Sunday

Estimated passing times of the leading skiers:

06:00 – Start – Purkijaur (0 km)

09:55 – Checkpoint – Njavve (88 km)

10:30 – Turning point – Kvikkjokk-ÅrreNjarka (99 km)

11:05 – Checkpoint – Njavve (110 km)

15:00 – Checkpoint – Purkijaur (198 km)

16:00 – Finish – Jokkmokk (220 km)