One month to go

Cross-country ski coach Erik Wickström – who has skied farthest in the world in 24 hours – offers once a month tips, inspiration and a training program. This fifth part is about what you should have in mind the month before the race.

 Text: Erik Wickström

The excitement is building up. With one month to Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet left, winter has settled over most parts of the country. Jokkmokk currently has the most white gold of whole Sweden. In the tracks of Vasaloppet, snow even needs to be plowed away and in my hometown Borås, there are ten skiing centers open to ski on natural snow.

In other words, the conditions are good for a large number of race participants.

It’s not too late

One month might sound little if you look at it on an annual basis but you can still make big progress as a skier. Many have just regularly skied on snow for about a month and still experience that endurance is on the rise. That has mostly to do with the fact that pre-season is so long and that we react positively to standing on snow.

Only by skiing we teach the body’s small, stabilizing muscles to compensate for the ground’s unevenness. We also improve our feeling for track changes, downhill sections and adaptions of frequency. And we successively build up the oh-so important endurance in the upper body.

Let your training resemble the race

I think you should use this last month to get your body used to what’s awaiting in Nordenskiöldsloppet. That means you should try to find a similar terrain and train multiple times at a similar intensity as in the race. Tough interval sessions at the SkiErg fall away. Also drastically reduce all other training forms such as spinning, running or strength training.

I think you should focus on skiing only if your time for training is limited – given you can get on snow in a reasonable time. And don’t forget the long trainings, they will help you on the way back to Jokkmokk.

Erik will be back in a couple of weeks to share his nutrition tips and waxing strategies.

Sväng in här för att få hjälp med din träning inför Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet. Från och med nu fram till tävlingsdagen på den 24 mars tipsar skidprofilen Erik Wickström varje månad om hur du ska tänka kring din träning och lägger dessutom upp ett fyraveckors träningsschema för dig som vill klara medaljtiden, dvs. 21 timmar och 22 minuter.