We are off!

During the race this page is where you will find all the updates from the race. Live-streams from web cameras, pictures, videos and texts will continuously be posted right here. At the 19 checkpoints there will be timekeeping which will be updated live here.Don’t forget to like Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet on Facebook to get the news delivered right to your feed.

Update #59
The two last champions have now crossed the finish line! Thank you for this year!

Update #58
Knut Kronstad passed the finish line after 25 hours and 45 minutes.

 Update #56
The sun is rising (behind the clouds) over Purkijaur and the mood at the check point is positive as the skiers feel the finish line closing in!

Update #55
Number 192, Vlastimil Broz has finished after 22 hours and 46 minutes!

 Update #53
As it starts to get lighter and lighter Marcus Sammeli living in Boden passed the finish line in 22 hours and 29 minutes at 05:29 in the morning. With a beer in the hand he is still in a good mood.

“From Tjåmotis (70km) to the turning point (99km) was so heavy but after that i found energy somewhere until i reached Purkijaur (200km) then i got cold and really tired. But damn that beer tastes good now! Cheers!”

Update #52
The clock has passed 04:21 which means that Nordenskiöldsloppets medal time of 21 hours and 20 minutes is passed. Last skier to claim a medal was Peter Oom passing the finish in 21 hours 17 minutes! We took a quick talk with him

Update #51
Henrik Tegström from Vilhelmina passed the finishline after 21:15:44. He was happy to finally pass the finish. “It was a struggle all the way from the turning point. No kilometre thereafter was easy.”

Update #50
Maija Oravamaki passes the finish line as third female after 17 hours and 57 minutes.

Update #49
Time is 04.00 and that means 21 hours have gone since the start.There are still 105 skiers out on the track and 21 minutes left to get a medal.

Update #48
Albin Hallberg has how finished the race after 20 hours and 18 minutes of skiing! Good job, you made the medal time with 63 minutes to spare!

Update #47
As we pass midnight 73 skiers have crossed the finish line, 100 have retired and 166 participants are out on the course. Now the real fight starts for many of them. Temperatures have dropped to 15 below zero and it is pitch black outside. 

Update #46
She made it! Olivia Hansson clocked a massive second place finish, crossing the finish line in 17 hours, 4 minutes and 32 seconds. Hansson managed to push through a period of fatigue 14-15 miles into the race, but gained confidence and new-found energy by overtaking several opponents, both male and female, during the course of the race.

Update #45
Erik Sundvall takes a well-deserved breather in Purkijaur – only 22km from the finish. Definately no time to wipe the beard clear of ice, though.

Update #44
As we move further into the night, over 170 participants are still out on the course. Olivia Hansson, representing Karlslund IF, is quickly closing in on the finish line as the second female of the day. Let’s see if she can secure that sought-after podium spot.

Update #43
More night pictures are dropping in!

Update #42
An almost too happy Simon Gustavsson gives us an update from Njavve with a mere 89km to go. Easy peasy – right?

Update #41
When nightfall sets in is where Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet comes into its own. With just over a full Vasaloppet left, a group of four have just made the turn back from Årrenjarka and have a long night ahead of them on their way back to Jokkmokk and the finish line. Best of luck!

Update #40
And our first female has crossed the finish line! Emilia Lindstedt completed the race in an impressive 14 hours and 1 minute, only minutes behind the winning males. Big congrats Emilia!
Don’t forget that you can check the livestream from the finishline right here!

Update #39
Meanwhile further back!

Update #38
We have a winner! Congratulations Andreas Nygaard! More updates will follow shortly so meanwhile follow the livestream below as the first female, Emilia Lindstedt is now only minutes from the finish!

Update #37
We are live from the leading pack!

Update #36
Meawhile further back:
Update #35
The skiers Nygaard, Maenpaa, Rezac, Moen Fjeld, Strand and Sollie have now reached Purkijaur at 198 km. They’re currently skiing at a pace of 3.34 min/km. Only about 20 kilometers to go but it’s getting dark really fast and none of them have headlights… This will be an exciting ending.

Update #34
Emilia Lindstedt has now passed Pelnibäcken (187km) after 11 hours and 50 minutes of skiing. Olivia Hansson is placed second and is now between Randijaur (151km) and Ragalvisjiegge (170km). She passed Randijaur (151km) after 11 hours and 20 minutes of skiing which puts her 1 hour 54 minutes behind Emilia Lindstedt. Maija Oravamaki is third two hours behind Lindstedt.

Update #33
The leading pack containing Nygaard, Maenpaa, Rezac, Moen Fjeld, Strand and  Sollie have now passed Pelnibäcken (187km) for the second time today after 11 hours and 31 minutes of skiing.  The boys have had an average pace of 3:41min/km since Ragalvisjiegge (170km).

Update #32
Purkijaur is LIVE! Skiers will most probably pass here between 18.00-18.30.

Update #31
At 16.39 the leading pack still containing Hans Maenpaa, Stanislav Rezac, Oeyvind Moen Fjeld, Daniel Strand and Henrik Sollie have now passed Ragalvisjiegge (170km). They have now been skiing for 10 hours and 40 minutes. They have been keeping an average 3:41 min/km. If they keep that pace the will most probably finish some time after 19.00.

Update #30
The battle for ranking as best Swedish competitor is currently between Björn Rydvall, Team Igne / Lycksele IF and Emilia Lindstedt, Falun Borlänge SK. Right now at 157 kilometers, Björn is 4 minutes and 21 seconds ahead, but Emilia is right now going at a faster speed per kilometer and she is also in a group together with the very experienced long distance skier Teemu Virtanen and Runar Hermo. Will Björn manage to stay ahead? The chase is on?

Update #29
Reports from the energy station say that the conditions take their toll. In order to stay energized along the way, the skiers eat and drink approximately 20-30% more compared to last year!

Update #28
Among the competitors further back we find Maija Oravamaki  from Oulu, Finland. She has passed 119km after 8:56:41 and is placed as second female right now. Here preparations this winter has been a lot of skiing and running a 100 kilometer trailrun in the north of Spain.

Update #27
At 15.43 the leading pack containing Hans Maenpaa, Stanislav Rezac, Oeyvind Moen Fjeld, Daniel Strand and Henrik Sollie have now passed 157km. Here Daniel Strand is getting energy!

Update #26
Andreas Nygaard has now passed 151km after 7 hours and 18 minutes of skiing together with Hans Maenpaa, Stanislav Rezac, Oeyvind Moen Fjeld, Daniel Strand and Henrik Sollie.

Update #25
Emilia Lindstedt has now passed Granudden (137km) after 8:43:25.

Update #24
The 4 first skiers have now passed Granudden (137km) for the second time after 8 hours and 27 minutes. Nygaard, Rezac, Strand and Moen Fjeld are keeping together i the lead 1 minute ahead of Maenpaa and Sollie. Best female is still Emilia Lindstedt. This time is about 40 minutes slower then last year showing that the conditions are way harder this year with all the fresh snow. 22 skiers have retired and the race is now consisting of 318 skiers spread out over 112km!

Update #23
Sergei Medvedev from Moscow felt nervous this morning. So far he looks strong passing 111km after 7 hours and 48 minutes. But with several Vasaloppet as experience and a personal best of 5:15 we didn’t expect anything else. Yesterday he ate a lot of pasta and it looks like a winning recipe.

Update #22
Turning 82 this April, Mats Morell easily qualifies as our oldest competitor the third year in a row. He got this year’s start as a birthday gift from his family. 2016 he finished the race and but last year he unfortunately had to cancel after 157 km and 20 hours of skiing. This year we hope he will make it! His recipe for success is eating a lot of porridge before the race and a calm tempo during the race.

Update #21
Vännäs is a small village not far from Umeå in the northern part of Sweden and is home to Simon Johansson, 28 years. It’s third time skiing Nordenskiöldsloppet and his main goal is to cross the finish line for the third time but we also heard this morning that he is aiming of beating his personal best of 14 hours and 40 minutes. Right now he has just passed 111km after 7:25:40. Looks tough to beat his time but you never know. When we took a quick chat with him he was looking forward to drinking a victory beer after the race. Simon Johansson has both his brother and father along side him during the 220 kilometer race. What a family!

Update #20
We are LIVE again from Kvikkjokk-Årrenjarka! Check out when the rest of the field passes the turning point right here.

Update #19
Further back we have the Swedish scientist and skier Samuel Lundin. He has traveled all the way from his home in Perth, Australia, for the Nordenskiöldsloppet. He participated in Vasaloppet this year which was his 16th Vasalopp, he came in at 7:30. Today he has so far skied 79 km in 7:01:30. When we asked Samuel yesterday he had set his goal to complete Nordenskiöldsloppet at under 21 hours but hopefully 18 hours.

Update #18
As the CEO of A Swedish Classic, Michael Thorén challenges people to both train and race. Today, he faces a tough challenge himself but the former elite triathlete looks strong out there. Micke has passed 79 km at 6:32:42 and is currently ranked 128.

Update #17
The leading group has just covered the first half of the race as they passed the checkpoint in Njavve (110 km) for the second time.

Update #16
A bit further back number 436, Janne Läntaa, local Jokkmokk resident attending his third Nordenskiöldslopp, passed 87 km in 6:23:26. He is placed 61 overall. Last year he finished after 14 hours and 42 minutes and it looks like it might be hard to beat this year with the snowy conditions.

Update #15
It’s important to give the body more fuel during long races. Over 300 liters of coffee, 800 liters of Red Bull, 1200 liters of blueberry soup, 2800 cheese sandwiches, 3800 buns and 5000 bananas will be eaten today and tomorrow at the 19 energy stations along the way.

Update #14
The leading group of 13 skiers has now passed the turning point in ÅrreNjarka at 99 km. All favorites are still together. The time of 6:06:01 indicates that the fresh snow and ongoing snowfall have big impact on race pace. It will be a long race day for both elite and amateur skiers and with this pace the elite will finish after more than 13 hours of skiing.

Emilia Lindstedt is still in the lead of the women’s race and has passed the turning point only 90 seconds after the first men.

Last year’s winner Andreas Nygaard reached the turning point at 99 kilometers as the seventh skier, eight seconds behind the leader. There he slowed down and had something to drink and eat a cinnamon bun, while letting a handful competitors pass him.

“It feels good! But it’s a long trip and it’s easy to get tired on the way back. So for me it’s about focusing on here and now”, said Nygaard.

Here are some pictures from the turning point Årrenjarka. Stay tuned for more.

Update #13
We are live from the turningpoint in Kvikkjokk-Årrenjarka!

Update #12
Henrik Sollie was first skier to pass Sågudden (79km) after 4:55:57. Together with 13 other skiers they are now 4 minutes ahead of the second group containing 6 skiers including Emilia Lindstedt.

TOP 10 skiers right now:

  1. Henrik Sollie
  2. Andreas Nygaard
  3. Bjoern Rydvall
  4. Oeyvind Moen Fjeld
  5. Christoffer Lindvall
  6. Hans Maenpaa
  7. Ole Jakob Nes
  8. Runar Hermo
  9. Jiri Pliska
  10. Stanislav Rezac

Full list is updated continuously and can be found here.

Update #11
Hans Maenpaa passed Tjåmotis (72km) as the first skier after 4:30:22. The whole startfield is now spread out over 33km.

Update #10
Johan Olsson seems to be common name for skiers. There are two in the race and the most well known is not even here… IK Stern’s Johan passed Granudden (61 km) in 3:57:19. Go, go, go!

Update #9
61km into the race Ramudden is now conquered by the first skiers. There are now 35 skiers in the leading pack and the pace has increased to 3:35 min/km. Emilia Lindstedt Ramudden as number 7. With the current pace the skiers are predicted to finish at around 13 hours and 30 minutes. NYBRO Skidklubb from southern Sweden is together with Team Santander the only association with two skiers in the leading group.

Update #8
Majves at 47km has been passed 3:06:52 after the start. The leading pack averaged a pace of 3:51 min/km. The skiers are expected to pass Granudden (61km) at around 10.00.

Current leaderboard at 47 km for the ladies:

  1. Emilia Lindstedt, 3:07:56
  2. Maija Oravamaki, 3:32:46
  3. Andrea Wickbom, 3:34:53

Update #7
Boom. Randijaur has been passed! 41 km into the race, the leading pack averaged a pace of 3:46 min/km. The first group currently consists of 41 skiers. Emilia Lindstedt is the only woman present.

Update #6
The first skiers have now passed the second checkpoint Ragalvisjiegge (28km) after 1:44:03. Nicolas Waerenskjold was in the lead acting as snowplow. The leaders are now 6 minutes behind last years time. The first skiers are expected to pass Randijaur (41km) at around 08.30.

Update #5 
Here is a little video from the start

Update #4

The leading pack has now passed the first checkpoint after 14km Pelnibäcken in 47:34.  Johan Furunäs is like last year the first one to pass the first checkpoint, this year he’s one minute slower than last year. First female was Emilia Lindstedt who passed it after 48:06.

Update #3

AND WE ARE OFF! Once the starters have passed Pelnibäcken, the first of 19 energy stations, time keeping will tell how the snowy conditions will affect race pace. Stay tuned.

Update #2

Update #1

Today is the day! It’s early morning here at the start and small snowfall has during the night layed a white cover over the Jokkmokkk. The weatherforcast predicts more light snow during the whole day which means that it will be a heavy day for the 394 skiers registered for start. 18 nations are represented. Apart from the Scandinavian countries there are participants from Germany, USA, Austria, Czech republic, Russia, Poland, Italy, UK, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Latvia, Spain and Estonia.

Among the favourites for the victory are this year’s winner of Vasaloppet, Andreas Nygaard, and his colleague Øyvind Moen Fjeld in team Santander.

They are challenged by Czech long race veteran Stanislav Řezáč, four time winner of Berkebeinerrennet, and Christoffer Lindvall from Finland who placed third last year.

In the women’s class, last year’s winner Nina Lintzén was missing on the starting line due to illness. This is believed to open up for Emilia Lindstedt who have won Engelbrektsloppet earlier this year and placed third in Tjejvasan.

More pictures will drop as soon and if you are awake you can see the live-stream from the start right here: