Here’s How To Follow The Race

LIVE on the web:

Here you find all the necessary information and links for getting the most out of Nordenskiöldsloppet, both if you’re here in Jokkmokk or from the couch

See the participants live-locations – HERE!

Also, make sure to follow our live-updates –  HERE or on Facebook

Watch our live-broadcasts here:

Start – Purkijaur – Live at 05:50 CET

Turning point – Njave – Live at 11:30 CET approximately

Finish – Jokkmokk – Live at 15:30 CET

Along the court, there are around 20 checkpoints throughout the race. here the skiers will be clocked. You can follow their updated times throughout the race and can be found here and

 At the start, turning point and finish we’ll be sending live (see the times for live broadcast further down), here you get the chance to check out the people currenty in the lead, and maybe, hopefully, someone you’re cheering for.

The Live-broadcast can be found on our main page and will be put up 05:45 – Saturday Morning.

Throughout the race we’ll also be reporting live which we will be update here and on our Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppets Facebook page.

During the last 30 minutes of the race we’ll be following, both the male and female leaders to the finish line: LIVE here on

Times and placements for Live-broadcast:

Purkijaur (Start) – 05:50 Saturday – 06.10 Saturday

Njavve (Turning-point) – 11:30 Saturday  – 12:30 Saturday 

Jokkmokk (Finish) – Saturday  15:30 –

Estimated check-points for the leader pack:

06:00 – Start – Purkijaur (0 km)

11:30 – Turning-point – Njavve (90 km):

15:00 – Pit Stop – Purkijaur (198 km)

17:00 – Finish – Jokkmokk (220 km)

LIVE here in Jokkmokk:

If you happen to be in Jokkmokk and would like to follow the race live in the best possible way, we recommend you to experience the start and finish.

Apart from those two locations, you also have the turning-point in the village Kvikkjokk-ÅrreNjarka (99km) which is easily accessed with car (around 1h 20 min from Jokkmokk). The same thing applies to the pit stop in Purkijaur (198km) and the sprint which most likely will start taking place around Talvatissjön, at the center of Jokkmokk. This is a great spot to see the last and deciding factor of the race.