Track changes in Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet

  • Turning point moved due to water on lake ice
  • Distance of 220 kilometer is kept intact

Sub-zero temperatures the night before the race and chances of hard-packed and fast snow conditions in the track. But the week’s mild weather and rain last night has made the lake ice between Njavve and Årrenjarka flood with water.

The watery conditions have forced the race organization to make adjustments in the track route. But the historic distance is kept intact.

The changes according to the race jury’s decision are the following:

  • The original turning point at 102 kilometers is moved east, shortly after the Njavve control station.
  • Service such as food and drinks, the safe-keeping of changing clothes and wax services are moved to the control station at Njavva.
  • The lost distance is compensated with addition of track lenght at Granudden and Purkijaur. 
  • The total distance is kept and will be 220 kilometers.