No skiing for 24 hours without snow

Warm winter stops Teemu Virtanen’s try to set a new world record in cross-country skiing as temperatures have not allowed snow production for February 22. A new attempt to double-pole more than 472 km around the running track of Stockholm Stadion is being planned for 2021.

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“It is really unfortunate that we are not able to carry out the event as planned, but we can’t fight against Mother Nature. I was well prepared for this Saturday, and I felt that I had a real chance to break the Guinness World Record and ski the Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet distance of 220 km under 10 hours. But I’m still motivated to try again next year”, says the 52-year-old from Finland.

“It is a real shame that we have to cancel the attempt. It would have been a great opportunity to promote ultra skiing in a more urban setting. I’m however happy that Teemu wants to give it another try next year while we now are shifting focus on the big race in Jokkmokk where snow conditions are perfect”, states Wolfgang Mehl, organizer of Nordenskiöldsloppet.

The race’s next edition will take place on the 28th of March 2020.

More information about next year’s record attempt and Teemu’s adventures along the way will follow upon availability:

“I’m excited about pushing the envelope and showing everyone that if you’re inspired and passionate, the sky is your limit in anything you do!”, he adds.