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During Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet – Elite this page is where you will find all the updates from the race. We’ll continuously post different type of content right here.

You can either track participants on our live platform here or follow the live data from our time keeping partner here.

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Don’t forget to like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to get the news delivered right to your feed.

Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet 2021 – Race recap

Update #27
That’s it from Jokkmokk for now. The top elite is back in town but the party ain’t over. There are more heroes still fighting through darkness out there. You can track them here.

Stay tuned for more amazing race content coming through tomorrow – both on this website and in our social channels. PEACE OUT!

Update #26
Top 3 women – well done, big congratulations:

Update #25
Top 10 men – hats off:

Update #24
Ladies and gentlemen, your female winner of Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet 2021 is: FRIDA HALLQUIST!

Update #23
Frida Hallquist is expected to finish around 18:20. We’ll be live again here.

Update #22
Ladies and gentlemen, your male winner of Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet 2021 is: KLAS NILSSON!

Update #21
15 km to go for Klass Nilsson and Jiří Pliska. Häng med live här.
Frida Hallquist is beyond 182 km and in secure lead in front of Nina Lintzén and Olivia Hansson. Damernas länk följer.

Update #20
The leading duo has passed 182 km and we’ll finish approximately 4 pm. We’ll stream their finish live on Facebook. Stay tuned!

Update #19
With 50 km to go, the men’s top now looks like this:

Latest live result for the women: Frida Hallquist has passed 153 km in 8:41:2.

Update #18
All the Swedish readers here who wonder about the STIFA* of Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet 2021: It’s 8.64!
*Stigningsfaktor as introduced by the podcast Lagom Kondition

Update #17
The trio in the front has at 163 km become a duo consisting of Nilsson and Pliska. Strand has fallen back +2:03 and is now skiing alongside Auger.

Update #16
After 153 km into the men’s race, there’s still the same trio ahead.

Update #15
We have a gap opening up in the women’s lead: Frida Hallquist passed 128 km in 6:59:53. Nina Lintzén is +13:02 at this point.

Update #14
After 142 km the men’s break away group is down to three: Klas Nilsson (SWE), Daniel Strand (NOR) and Jiří Pliska (CZE) – Frenchman Auger is hanging loose 48 seconds behind.

Update #13
Will Klas Nilsson make a move during the climbs on the way back?

Update #12
The first two ladies now also have passed the turning point in ÅrreNjarka and are close together.

Update #11
Some impressions from the turning point…

Update #10
On the women’s side, Frida and Nina are almost right behind each other with only one skier in between. Frida is skiing in a group though, while Nina seems to be all by herself. Olivia Hansson currently is placed 3rd further back. Heja!

Update #9
The leading group has indeed gotten smaller during the climbs. 7 men however are still together, amongst them all the favorites.

Update #8
The race will now get more hilly. Will the field split up?

Update #7
Another 10 km in the books for the leading group!

Update #6
The check points are flying by as Nacka Värmdö’s Johan Myhr just was first to pass 57 km in 2:57:44. With three quarters of the race to go, Frida is still ahead of Nina in the women’s competition.

Update #5
Linus Jansson, Hällbybrunns IF was first to pass 38 km in 2:01:24 together with a major group of around 25 skiers. Frida Hallquist is leading the women’s race, about 4 minutes after. Double champion Nina Lintzén is in 2nd place, 3:25 down.

Update #4
The men’s pack has passed 24 km in 1:15:30. Frida Hallquist, Åsarna IK still leads the women’s race.

Update #3
A bigger men’s group of 29 skiers incl. all favorites passed 15 km after 41:20. Frida Hallquist was the first lady to pass there in 43:12.

Update #2
The evening before the big race, we had the chance to speak to one of the favorites for the men’s race: Klas Nilsson from Skellefteå who tells us about his tactics for Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet 2021 (Swedish only).

Update #1
And off we are! The start went at 5 am this morning. Temperatures were right below zero with icy tracks that promise a high pace towards the turning point at 110 km.

11 hours to go in Jokkmokk