Teemu Virtanen abandoned world record attempt

Finish cross country-skier Teemu Virtanen started an attempt in Stockholm Stadium to set a new world record distance in 24h skiing on Saturday morning. For almost a work day long he kept up the pace despite conditions getting heavier. After 12 h and 225 km he however chose to call it an attempt halfway through.

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The attempt was planned as an official Guinness World Record and the goal was to ski farther than 472 km – the current record mark set by fellow countryman Hans Mäenpää in April 2018.

Members of Stockholms Rullskidklubb helped Teemu with pacemaking

”I started really fast. I had to and knew that I was taking a risk. I had really good support skiers. But then after a while, I knew that it’s going to be tough. I was hoping for the weather to get better but it didn’t. So then I just died and realized that I’m not going to be able to do it. Of course I’m disappointed but you live and learn!”, said Teemu Virtanen shortly after he had abandoned his attempt.

An equally tired and disappointed Teemu leaves the arena

During his attempt Teemu Virtanen skied 523 laps on the 400 m tracks of Stockholm Stadium.